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11 Amazing Kids Rooms Glowing In The Dark

Fri, Aug 16, 2013 | Kids room, Stickers | By Irina

Many kids are afraid of darkness and you can’t always be sitting with them and making them comfortable. One of the most interesting solutions of that problem is simply making your kid’s room glow in the night! How? There are basically two options: buying and applying glowing in the night wall decals and murals (check out designwithaz.com, wallpops.com, geckostickers.com.br, asianpaints.com) or more creative and bold one – buying a glowing paint (by Disney, for example) and drawing on the walls or ceiling some picture by yourself. After a little research I figured out that this isn’t the most popular trend right now and most parents just buy their kids a nightlight. But it’s kind of usual and boring, so I suggest you to look at the gallery below and look how a kid’s room might look like with glowing decals and paintings. It’ll amaze you, I promise.

Reference: pinterest

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