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10 Ideas To Use Lockers As Kids Room Storage

Fri, Jul 6, 2012 | Parents | By Mike

When you’re designing a kids room one of the most important think about is storage. You’ll need organize all your kids clothes and things without making the room looks ugly. Besides your kid should be able to access all these things while he or she is growing up. Kids lockers are among those furniture objects that could help you with that. They can accommodate as clothes as other accessories. Besides, kids lockers could add a vintage, industrial touch to a kids room interior. Following ideas should help you understand how cool lockers are to use in a kids room.

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  1. Lance Says:

    This is a very intriguing idea. I had never though about using locker as a way to store kids things. I think that wood lockers would feel more comfortable in the home,because the metal lockers make think of school. I have found this one company Jorgenson Company that does kids lockers that I like. ( http://www.schoollockers.com/kids-lockers )

  2. Shen Says:

    Hi we’re are you based ?

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