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10 Cool Toddler Girl Room Ideas

Thu, Jul 19, 2012 | 2-4, 5-7, 8-11, Kids room | By Mike

Yesterday we’ve showed you a bunch of cool rooms for a toddler boy. Here are some toddler room inspirations if you have a daughter. As you can see most of these rooms have pink as the main color but we all know that this color is perfect for our princesses. If you’ll implements some of decor ideas you’ll see here your daughter’s room would become a place she love to spend time in.

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  1. Cathy Says:

    The 3rd one is cute now on to the ugly…… 8 and 10. Can not say that the choices where fantastic, hopefully the nest time there will be 10 great girls bedrooms.

  2. Beds - Freshnist Says:

    The bed number 4 is looking very beautiful.
    So very nice.

  3. Vanessa Says:

    Me interesa

  4. Jenny Says:

    Cathy is crazy! Bedrooms 8 and 10 are awesome! What little girl wouldn’t want to sleep in a pumpkin carriage or a fort? She seems to be for more traditional (ie, stale, boring, mini-adult) style bedrooms for kids. But kids aren’t mini adults! To them every daily task and bit of work CAN and SHOULD be made fun when possible! Including their beds! I love parts of all of these rooms, but in Kathy’s favorite (number 3) the only part I like are the butterflies. Otherwise it’s boring and adult-like. Not how a toddler room should be, IMO!

  5. Katie Says:

    What is the paint color used in #6?

  6. Dan Lucisano Says:

    I am interested in photo # 10. Does anyone know where the furniture can be purchase

  7. Nazish Says:

    Where can I purchase the pumpkin bed and for how much? Is there a website where I can buy it and which would deliver it to Canada Ontario ?

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