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20 Car Shaped Beds for Cool Boys Room Designs

Wed, Mar 9, 2011 | 12-15, 5-7, 8-11, Beds | By margarita

All boys like cars and most likely they all will be happy to live in a car themed room. Thanks to a large variety of creative kids stuff in different stores you can make such dream room easily. The main element of it is a bed, which is a centerpiece of any bedroom. It will be great if you can find a car shaped bed. Then you could decorate your son’s room with several stickers of his favorite cars. After that you’ll get an awesome car themed room. Bellow you could find several cool boys beds, which are made in shape of different cars, such as race cars, super hero’s cars, trucks and others.

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  1. Nick Says:

    I absolutely love the top car bed and so does my 6 year old Son. Where can I get this from???

  2. dev patel Says:

    where can i buy the car on the top?

  3. maria Says:

    Where can I find the first car pictured?

  4. deepali Says:

    whr can i get the first bed from ?

  5. Angela Says:

    This is beauty beyond compare. I think you should have put the prices. I am thinking of doing business with you.

  6. Mohsin Ali Says:

    how much is the new car bed for girls….???

  7. Reshawon Neal Says:

    I would like to purchase the top bed. please let me know where I can find this bed.

  8. Reshawon Neal Says:

    I want the top black sports bed please let me know where i can find it.

  9. Rhiannon Says:

    Beds 3, 6, an 8 on this page…do they fit twin size mattresses, and how much do each of them cost?

  10. RACHEL Says:

    Where do we find out the prices of these cars< a am interested in the first car.

  11. Angela Johnson Says:

    I would like information about the price, size and type mattress the black race car (the first car) has

  12. Aris Says:

    I would like further information on the first car, would like to know where I can purchase this car.

  13. Kimberly Soto Says:

    I would like to know where can I purchase the first car bed, the black/red/white one.


  14. Ann Turley Says:

    Where can I buy the black (1st picture) car from……..It’s absolutely fabulous..

  15. Shane burns Says:

    Where can I purchase the black bed from (1st picture)
    Kidsomania.com is not very helpful

  16. Niko Patsalos Says:

    I like one of the car beds but I don’t know how to order it.

  17. Wayne Says:

    The top bed is not in the US.

    You can look at it on the site above but they do not have stores in the USA.

  18. Wayne Says:

    I found it in the USA from another website too.

  19. barbaradumbleton Says:

    I would like to know if it takes a twin matress and how much it cost no.1

  20. Kailah Says:

    Where can i get a batman bed?

  21. elidaly aguirre Says:

    I absolutely love the toep car bed and so does my 2 year old Son. Where can I get this from???

  22. Sanam Says:

    Hi where can I get the top picture black bed

  23. Sanam Says:

    I love the top bed please tell me from where I can get that bed

  24. Seeram James Says:

    i like the first bed can you tell me where i can purchase this bed – it the black with yellow n red on it.



  25. Seeram James Says:

    please tell me where ican purchase the first bed.



  26. Stephen Kirouac Says:

    Where do I buy the room set in photo #8? That entire room is awesome!

  27. Stella Says:

    Hi where can i get whole bedroom including shelving bed and road ramp
    Picture 11

  28. swarna latha Says:

    Where can I get black color car (the very first one) pls send the price details

  29. Virend Says:


    i am planning to buy a bed on priority. Kindly come back to me wtih further infomation about your products.

  30. Carmelina Says:

    Where can a buy all bedroom number 11?

  31. Don Says:

    Wonderful works! Kindly give me more information on the 10th car (RED). We would like to buy that one for our Son on his first birthday. We hope will be able to ship it to Zambia.


    where can I Buy the car that is on the top?

  33. Paula santos Says:

    I was interested in the Batman bedroom set. Is it available to buy if so what is the asking price?

  34. eric Says:

    where can I buy the first bed in the post?

  35. Nida Says:

    Hi there, would like to know if you ship to Canada. Would really appreciate if you could give me the pricing on the first bed, also is it available in full or queen size. Thanks

  36. Anastasia Says:

    Hey, there. I love it . Where I can get Zebra car and how much ?

  37. Anastasia Says:

    Hey, there. I love it . I would love to get one ( Zebra) car. And want to know about prize.

  38. Jessica Says:

    Hi there.
    Can you please send me the prices on all your car beds for boys.


  39. Andy Says:

    Where I can get black car bedroom set

  40. Andy Says:

    Where I can buy black car bedroom set from picture #1

  41. Andy Says:

    Where I can buy your furniture?

  42. Tiesha Says:

    Omg…love the whole set in picture 11 where can i get that from? How much is it?

  43. john calo Says:

    I want to know how to buy a bed

  44. Hazel Martin Says:


    I am extremely interested in purchasing the zebra safari bed. Could you please provide further information such as price, dimensions, size of mattress used, shipping options. Thank you!

  45. Himanshu Says:

    Can you email or call me I want the first bed from your collection. Humanshu chawla

  46. Connie Cleary Says:

    I am interested in the first bed. What are the dimentions for a mattress? How much does it cost and will you send to New Zealand? Thank you

  47. Connie Cleary Says:

    Size of Mattress required?
    Cost of first bed
    and will you ship to New Zealand?
    Thank you

  48. lizbel Says:

    Where I can buy the batman bed?

  49. Renata Senra Says:

    I wanted to buy and know how much a bed ison this website but i cant fins it. Please email me back or call me 978 606 1238

  50. Sumit Jain Says:

    Cost of hotwheels car bed

  51. Kai Says:

    I love the red car with tool box around , where can I buy those

  52. Maggie Marquez Says:

    Where can I get the canvas on the picture 18?

  53. tina russell Says:

    I would like a price for the bed in pic 3 Please contact me on 083 650 3947 or reply with a contact number where I can get a price.


  54. yasmin Says:

    can you send the price for all of your boy beds plaeas thank you

  55. joe borg Says:

    would it be possible to sell / ship to malta the whole room presented in slide 11

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