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Crazily Fun DIY Marshmallow Monsters For Halloween

Thu, Oct 30, 2014 | DIY Projects

Halloween is standing at the threshold, are you and your kids excited about the All Saints’ Day? We’ve got one more awesome tutorial to share to get you into the festive mood even more! These edible monsters are such an amazing and fun after school activity to make with your children! There’s no wrong way to make a monster and lots of candies you can use, so creative possibilities are endless here. Begin with rolling marshmallows on a candy stick in melted white chocolate and then rolling in dyed coconut. To dye coconut you simply need to add a few drops of dye into a ziplock bag with coconut and shake well. Read the next steps at sayyes.com and enjoy!


Incredible DIY Snow Globes For Your Kids

Wed, Oct 29, 2014 | DIY Projects

These snow globes will be perfect presents for any holiday, not only for Christmas. So now you and your kids can make them very fast. You will need glass jars, small plastic figurines, glitter, glycerin and hot glue or hot glue gun. First, your kids should select the figures they want to use and arrange them on the lids. Then you can glue the figurines to the lid. Let them dry for long enough to be sure the glue will hold. In the meantime, you can add water to the jars, fill them not quite to the threads. Then add the glycerin (about a half-teaspoon), and the glitter (about a teaspoon). Now carefully screw the lid back onto the jar. It’s time to shake them up and watch it snow!


22 Trendy And Sweet Cloudy Kids Rooms Ideas

Wed, Oct 29, 2014 | Kids room

Along with starry nurseries there’re cloudy kids rooms, which are almost as much popular. It’s actually no surprising, because cloud items or images are something that can make your tot’s space dreamy and truly magical. There’re actually many various options of how to use clouds in your kids room from simply adding lovely pillows to drawing almost masterpiece-like wall arts, from shelving in shape of a cloud to baby mobiles, etc. To get you inspired we’ve gathered our cloudy kids’ rooms’ favorites, which are just a sheer cuteness. So, take a closer look to all of the details and maybe you’ll see that this sort of design course and trend is just the best for you.


Miniature DIY Little Halloween Monsters

Tue, Oct 28, 2014 | DIY Projects

If you didn’t think about Halloween or its decor yet, you have little time to make something for your kids. For example, you can create these cute little monsters. Just look at these pics and repeat. For this project you will need medication bottles, fabric and felt scraps, batting (to make rounded shapes), hot glue gun, scissors, fabric paint, rubber bands and ribbon. To give the bottles some weight, you should add a few fish marbles to each bottle. You can make various monsters: Frankenstein, ghost, mummy and many others. You can read next steps of the instruction here.


DIY Bubbling Boos And Popping Pumpkins Game For Your Kids

Tue, Oct 28, 2014 | DIY Projects

This activity for a Halloween party is very fun and inexpensive, and your kids will like it. You will need baking soda, corn starch, vinegar, zip seal bags, orange food coloring for the pumpkin bombs, a marker and toilet paper. Start by drawing pumpkin and ghost faces on the zip seal bags. You can use a permanent marker and sandwich size bags. Larger bags will work too but you’ll just need more of the active ingredients. Now you can fill bags with the vinegar. Mix in a bit of corn starch for color. You can also add orange food coloring to the pumpkin bags. The rest of the tutorial is here.


Last-Minute DIY Bunny Costume For Halloween

Mon, Oct 27, 2014 | DIY Projects

Modern moms have so many things to take care of. If you have been really busy these days or weeks and missed buying those fun Halloween costumes, it’s fine, don’t worry. There’re lots of DIY costume options, and you can very easily and quickly make by yourself this adorable bunny costume. You’ll need some grey sweater dress, felt in 3 colors, scissors, fabric glue, cotton balls, safety pin, needle and thread. There’s nothing difficult, really. It’s all about just tracing the patterns onto felt, cutting, gluing, adding colored stitching and attaching a pretty ribbon. Read the whole tutorial and download the templates at 100layercakelet.com. Enjoy!


Sweet Pink And Blue Baby Girl Nursery

Sat, Oct 25, 2014 | Kids room

Phoenix, mom of wonderful 3 year old little man, was so excited she’s finally expecting a baby girl. Basing on the past experience she knew how tricky yet interesting it is to design a nursery for a tot, but this time she could do it differently – as girly as she could. The room turned out very feminine, serene and joyful. There’s a pretty bold combination of blue, pink and green, but it looks surprisingly harmonious, fresh and cheery. As for the room’s décor, I think it has longevity and good possibilities for slight transition, when her child will make more her own as she gets older. Take a look to the photos below to get inspired!


Entertaining DIY Indoor Croquet For Kids

Fri, Oct 24, 2014 | DIY Projects

This indoor croquet will be perfect for your kids. They will play it all day long! For making the tunnels cut strips of paper. For example, you can use 8 1/2 x 11 pieces and cut them in half. Fold the shorter ends in about a half an inch to an inch. Then use washi tape or regular tape to secure it on the floor. If you need an appropriate indoor croquet mallet, you will need cardboard tube, washi tape or other tape, cutting blade, small plastic bat, yard stick, broom handle and ball (optional). Cut the cardboard tube down and use the bat to mark a circle for the bat to sit in. Use the cutting blade to cut out the circle. Continue reading the tutorial here.


Excellent DIY Construction Site Activity Tray

Fri, Oct 24, 2014 | DIY Projects

Kids of any ages will like this activity tray. It will also help to develop their imagination and practice their motor skills. For this project you will need just a tray or box with edges that can hold in the lentils and toys, little toys (trucks, tractors, toy men and cones), spoon and lentils (or rice or beans for them to scoop and move). It’s very easy-to-make! First of all fill the box with the lentils. Then place the toys inside the box. Now let your children play and enjoy the activity tray for hours at a time. Have a great time!


Deliciously Smelling DIY Cinnamon Salt Dough Leaf Ornaments

Thu, Oct 23, 2014 | DIY Projects

If you love the smell of cinnamon as much as I do, you gonna love this fall craft, too! It’s a great activity for kids and as a result fall decorations, which smell lovely for ages. To make autumn salt dough you’ll need 1 cup plain flour, 1 cup salt, 1 cup warm water, food coloring in yellow, orange and red, 1 tsp nutmeg, 1 tbsp cinnamon. In a nutshell, you need to make different balls of dough, add in the cinnamon, roll out the balls and cut leaf shapes. To hang them up later you also need to poke a hole before heating. Read the full instructions at theimaginationtree.com.


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