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Simple DIY Cupcake Liner Kids’ Party Hats

Sat, Mar 28, 2015 | DIY Projects

If you prepare a birthday party for your kid, you always should pay attention to all the details of this day. What about party hats? We have one brilliant idea! For making these hats you’ll need cone water cups, colorful cupcake liners, pom poms, glitter, elastic tinsel cord, 1/16 circle hole punch, scissors, glue and hot glue gun. First glue a cupcake liner to the inside of the cone cup and a pom pom to the top. Then punch a hole on both sides of the cup where the tinsel cord will be threaded. Next thread the elastic through one hole and tie a knot to secure. Now you should measure your little one’s head to get the sizing right, then thread the elastic through the other hole and tie a knot. Read what to do next here.


The Cardboard Guys’ Imagination Furniture Lets Kids Construct And Design

Fri, Mar 27, 2015 | Furniture sets, Kids room

Furniture of the new generation, as we may name it, strikes with innovative ideas and possibilities. Just take a look at new Kids’ Imagination Furniture by The Cardboard Guys that lets little ones construct and design their own desk set. The Cardboard Guys started developing this idea at Kickstarter and received full support to create a durable cardboard set designed to foster children’s creativity and inspire them to create a unique desk and chair all by themselves. Your kids can turn those boxes into racecars, castles, airplanes and whatever else they want. It’s easy, because the furniture is lightweight, it requires no adhesives for assembly and snaps together perfectly. It’s available now for preorder, so be sure to check out!


Spring DIY Birdie Balloon Garland For A Kids’ Room

Fri, Mar 27, 2015 | DIY Projects

It’s a very bright and funny craft, so your kids will like it and want to decorate their rooms! You will need scissors, double-sided tape, oval balloons, 2 feathers per chick, orange crepe paper, black permanent marker and ribbon or string. Inflate balloon to approximately 75%. Make sure the balloon is not too full with air or else it will pop when twisting it into sections. Flip the balloon upside down so that the knotted lip is facing upwards. Then rotate the top third of the balloon several times to create the chick’s head. Tear small pieces of double-sided tape and place them on either side of your chick. Stick one feather to each side to make your chick’s wings. The rest of the tutorial is here.


Awesome Superhero Themed Birthday Party For Kids

Thu, Mar 26, 2015 | Party theme

With all those Marvel movies releases in the last few years, it seems like the superheroes theme has never been more popular than right now. If you’re puzzling over what theme to choose for your kid’s birthday party, a superhero themed party is a guaranteed awesome one to arrange. It’s a chance for all of the little ones to plunge into the atmosphere of Marvel comic books and movies and meet their idols, Superman, Batman and Spider-man. Isn’t it just a dream come true? In today’s party planned by Orange Blossom Special Events there’re tons of wonderful details that you might love. Get the inspiration!


Cool DIY Grocery Stand For Kid’s Fun Play

Thu, Mar 26, 2015 | DIY Projects

When I was a kid, I loved playing grocery store with my best friends. Tree leaves was our money, and everything seemed so simple and fun! Joni from Lay Baby Lay suggests to make a very cool and fancy grocery stand for your kid to make the gameplay even better. It looks just amazing and she convinces that it’s completely doable to put this together yourself. Here’s the list of the supplies: two 2” x 10” pine boards, two 2” x 28” pine boards, two 2” x 29.5” pine boards, two 12” x 27” common boards, one 12” x 31” common board, two 12” x 29.5” common boards, four 1” square dowels (36” long), 1.5” screws and drill. Head over to laybabylay.com for the tutorial and enjoy!


DIY Painted Soccer Player Hand Puppet

Wed, Mar 25, 2015 | DIY Projects

Does your son love soccer? Of course, all kids love to play soccer at free time! But if they haven’t opportunity to play at backyard, they can play at home! You will need a willing hand, paint (best to use face/body paint), plastic plate to mix paints (optional), a small ball or a piece of paper and two small boxes or containers (goal posts). Paint the outline of a soccer player on your child’s hand (head, shirt, hands, feet). Use your child’s index finger and middle finger as the soccer player’s feet. Add face and hair for details. Paint the shirt using your child’s favorite color. If you don’t have a small ball, crumple a piece of paper into the shape of a ball. Locate two small containers to use as goal posts and start to play! Goal!


Easy-To-Make DIY Pipe Cleaner Easter Bunny Ears

Wed, Mar 25, 2015 | DIY Projects

If your kids wanna be bunnies on Easter, we have an idea – make these bunny ears for them! For this project you will need just pipe cleaners and wire cutters. Take two pipe cleaners, and twist together the ends several times to make one long pipe cleaner. Use the long pipe cleaner to wrap around their head to measure the circumference. At the point where you measured your child’s head, wrap the pipe cleaner around several times to close off the circle, then snip away any remaining pipe cleaner with your wire cutters. Wrap another pipe cleaner around one end of the circle several times to secure it. The rest of the tutorial is here.


Customizable DIY Felt Letter Garland For Your Kid’s Party

Tue, Mar 24, 2015 | DIY Projects

I think I told it hundreds of times that handcraft décor made from the bottom of your heart is usually the best. However, if only a thought of necessity to craft something major for a party makes you dizzy, add at least one little custom décor piece to your event. Just take a look at this charming felt letter banner, it’s so fun and cute! You can make it quick, easy and without breaking the bank. Here’s what you need: four sheets of felt, printed letter template, sharp craft knife, cutting mat, embroidery thread and embroidery needle. Visit thelittleumbrella.com for the tutorial and enjoy!


DIY Easter Chick And Bunny Handprint Stick Puppets

Tue, Mar 24, 2015 | DIY Projects

This spring funny project will be perfect for you and your kids if you are getting ready for Easter. So you will need edible sugar finger paints, 4 tablespoons extra fine granulated sugar, 1/3 cup corn starch, 2 cups water, red, green, blue and yellow food coloring, heavy cardstock, markers, scissors, sticks and tape. Cook sugar, cornstarch and water over medium heat, whisk constantly until thick. Remove from heat and divide into three bowls. Add yellow food coloring for the chicks, blue and red for purple bunnies, and green for grass. To make the chicks paint your child’s hand with the yellow paint and press it onto the paper. Next steps of the tutorial are here.


Sweet And Airy Woodland And Boho-Chic Inspired Nursery

Mon, Mar 23, 2015 | Kids room

Hello there, dear readers! We’ve got such a special, sweet and charming woodland-inspired nursery for you today! I’m seriously in love with all of the boho-chic and simple décor pieces from triangle garlands to wall prints, mini figurines to the baby mobile Mom and Dad picked for their little precious Valentine. One more thing that just blew my mind away with its prettiness is a gorgeous full wall mural from Anthropologie, which is a bit weird yet very creative and fun. The space is very light and airy and somehow fits parents’ style while being totally suitable and pleasing for a baby. No doubt she’s gonna love it! Enjoy the photos!


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