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Creative And Modern Toddler Girl’s Room With Turquoise Ceiling

Wed, Nov 19, 2014 | Kids room

If you want to foster your child’s imagination, her or his room should be creative and filled with developing games that are easily accessible. Today’s room represents it perfectly. Mercie Ghimire wanted her daughter’s room to reflect her free spirit and love exploring her environment. So, it’s not overflowing with toys or bold colors, but rather...Continue Reading...


Stylish Idea For Kids Room Ceiling Decor

Thu, Jun 20, 2013 | Kids room

Design of a kid’s room shouldn’t be boring and conservative. A child, in contrast to adults, loves bright colors and unusual items, so it is important to apply all the creativity and originality for decorating of a kid’s room. Starry sky is not only a great idea for a ceiling, but also a stylish solution for a kid’s room design. A...Continue Reading...


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