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Cheerful And Cute Carnival Themed Boy’s Birthday Party Inspiration

Thu, Apr 17, 2014 | Party theme

A carnival is probably one of the brightest and coolest themes ever, and it’s perfect for such an event as a kid’s party. Looking for some inspiration? Take a look at this sweet and cheerful party that mom Elvira arranged for her son Mateo’s 1st birthday. It was inspired by the Santa Monica Pier entertainment park, which offers many fun things to do for families. However, it’s madness out there in the spring and summer, so planning a party at home with fancy sherbet colored tones is a much better idea, than going to this park. I love this horse silhouette that used throughout the design concept, pom poms everywhere, cute small vases with flowers and lots of candies, of course. Get inspired!


Adorable DIY Mr Tiger And Mr Snake From Paper Plates

Thu, Apr 17, 2014 | DIY Projects

Looking for some craft to get your tot busy? Take a look at these funny and colorful Mr Tiger and Mr Snake! They’re easy and fun to be made by your kid on his or her own. To get started you need some paper plates, PVA glue, poster paint, glitter, pens and scissors. First mix in a small bawl PVA glue and poster paint. For Mr Tiger to this: paint the back of the plate in orange and cover it with glitter, draw on tiger stripes on the front of the plate, make and glue to the plate tiger’s features like nose, eyes, ears, etc. For Mr Snake do this: paint the plate with green, cover it also with glitter, cut a spiral into the plate, making the head at the center, make and glue to the head an eye and tongue. Voila!


Elegant Baby Girl’s Nursery In Blush And White

Wed, Apr 16, 2014 | Kids room

When a baby is small, he or she doesn’t understand the decor of the room. But remember that toddlers learn to feel and see the beauty around them since that moment when they were born. So it’s so important to surround them with cute and comfortable décor elements. For little girl Helaina her mom and dad made this adorable room. All things in the nursery mix very well with each other. The mother didn’t want to buy everything in store that’s why you can see handmade artwork and old black and white photos on the walls and shelves. Also you can notice that it’s a very light room in blush and white shades with small inserts of green. Look at these pics and get some inspiration!


20 Inspiring Kids Room Floor Design Ideas

Wed, Apr 16, 2014 | Kids room

Creating some special design not only for the walls in the kid’s room but also for the floor is a really cool and exciting idea! It’s kind of a new level of creativity and it doesn’t end on the choice of a carpet (although, it’s a great idea, too). It’s up to you to decide whether to be fun or sophisticated, color the floor monochrome or draw some stripes. But you should remember one thing: if you choose floor to be your accent in kid’s room, it’s better to keep everything around really simple with just a few supplementing splashes here and there. Take a peek to the gallery below for inspiration!


Cute DIY Paper Mache Pets

Tue, Apr 15, 2014 | DIY Projects, Toys

Do you have pets at home? No, but your kids always ask you for a dog or a cat? Make these funny paper mache pets with your children! You will need balloons, white glue, a little water, a paint brush and newspaper cut in strips. The glue and water ratio is 2 to 1; 2 parts glue to 1 part water. Add the pieces, strip by strip, sticking them with the glue/water mix. Let them dry. Then pop and remove the balloons. Feed short strips through the paper shredder. It makes neat confetti. The application of the small paper strips is just like simple paper mache. Lay down a layer of glue/water mix, add a few strips of paper and add more glue/water mix. Repeat several times. The rest of the tutorial is here.


Funny DIY Hipster Ghost Toy

Tue, Apr 15, 2014 | DIY Projects, Toys

Now it’s time to have fun! Let’s make this craft and your kids will play with it all the time. You will need a ghost pattern, white fabric, red and black felt, scissors, fabric glue, needle and white thread. Cut out all your pattern pieces. Place the pieces on your fabric and cut. A tip for cutting the eyes out for the glass is to fold them over and cut a slit first. Glue face and bow tie on. Place each set of arms with the fabric right side together and glue around the edges. Wait until the glue is dry before turning right side out. Glue each arm to the edge of the front side of your ghost and wait until the glue is dry. The rest of the tutorial is here.


Soft And Earthy Baby Girl’s Nursery Design Inspiration

Mon, Apr 14, 2014 | Kids room

I love kids’ rooms which are eclectic in a way, which has a good mix of older pieces and current trends. This nursery from photographer Lainie Deerman for her daughter Sybil is one of those. The idea was to design the room in the style which matches the style of their home, but also add some special touches just for the baby. I think she managed great in bringing this idea to life, because the room turned out really soft, warm, earthy but with a lot of fun touches like geometric mobile, golden pillows, fluffy rug just for the sweet little feet, wooden shelves that spell “LOVE”. All in all, the room is really welcoming, isn’t it?


5 Inspiring Wall Tree Decor Ideas For Kids Rooms

Sat, Apr 12, 2014 | Kids room

Today we wanna offer you to get some inspiration from these adorable and original decor ideas. Look at these pics and try to repeat the design. Such a variant of design will develop creativity and improve kid’s imagination. You can make just a tree with flowers like a decorative element or make a tree with shelves, for example. We think that it’s really nice idea to unite décor and practicality. So if you wanna make a tree with pink cute flowers you just need colorful paper, scissors and pins. This craft is so easy-to-make but it’ll look very beautiful and your baby girl will love it! Look for more inspiring tree decor ideas below!


Sweet “Make A Wish” Themed Girl’s Birthday Party

Fri, Apr 11, 2014 | Party theme

In today’s party inspiration it’s all about magical wishes and wishes coming true. That’s the idea that formed the basis of Genie’s 6th birthday party. Instead of picking some typical bright colors, Genie’s mom and also a designer of this amazing party, gave preference to a sweeter and lighter color palette, which is much more appropriate for a little girl’s birthday. Also there’s no particular theme, the party’s design is traditional but with a sweet and shiny little touches. I especially love the “Wish” letters and a meaningful cake topper hopefully with a genie inside. All in all, I bet that the party was really magical and granted many wishes. Get inspired!


Dinosaur Cupcake Stands For Kids’ Parties

Fri, Apr 11, 2014 | DIY Projects, Toys

Usual decorations for parties are in the past already and we are always looking for new interesting ideas! So we collected some good variants and elements of décor for a perfect party. Every kid (especially a baby boy) loves dinosaurs, but if he or she will see another one as a cupcake stand, your kid will be so happy! It’s really a brilliant idea to surprise your toddlers! All kids love animals, so you can make serving dishes with many various toys-animals. Just find some of them in shops or take some old toys of your kids. Another décor idea is multicolor toys-animals. This idea is really great because you can paint them with your children. Create a planet of these animals, name them and place everywhere!


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