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15 Magic Kids’ Masks For Halloween

Mon, Sep 15, 2014 | Other |

Have you already begun preparing your kids for Halloween? Do you know what costumes or masks they want? If you didn’t really think about that, now you can find something special for your kids. We offer you to look at some cool masks for your boy or girl and find good ideas for this day. Your kids can wear various masks, he or she can be a superhero or monster, just animal or character from favorite cartoons. You can make a mask with your hands or buy it. If you create yourself, the best materials to deal with are paper, felt, fabrics, beads, ribbons and so on.


10 Cool Warm Hats For Boys This Fall

Sat, Sep 13, 2014 | Clothing |

Are you ready for cold days of fall? If your answer is not yet, so keep on reading! Today we offer you to look at these pics and find a good hat for your boy. They can be various and it’s a nice accessory for any look! You can buy it or make with your hands, for example, knit a beautiful easy-to-make hat for your son. Also you can find or create a funny hat with animal faces. Boys love caps, but they can wear them not only in summer, wearing them in fall is great, too! But remember that the main things are comfort and warmth!


Bright And Modern Superhero Themed Room For Three Boys

Fri, Sep 12, 2014 | Kids room

It’s amazing when a mom is a die-hard DIYer, because her kid’s room definitely isn’t going to be boring. Today’s room designed by creative mom Mallory in the fantastic superhero theme is just a dream come true for her three boys. To be honest, I can hardly imagine how you can put three boys in one room, but Mallory admits that they just love sharing a room and going to bed together. Sounds ridiculously cute, doesn’t it? As for design, I’m in love with bright color accents all around it and most of all with the hand painted skyscraper wall. I think that this room gives so much inspiration, take a look!


10 Comfortable Jackets For Boys This Fall

Fri, Sep 12, 2014 | Clothing |

Boys are the same at any age! So you have to remember it when you choose a jacket for them . First of all, this jacket should be warm because kids love to play outdoors for long time and they shouldn’t freeze. Also the jacket should be comfortable and not holding down your kid’s movements. You can pick jackets with various colors, but the dark ones will be the best! Don’t forget the style of jacket, you can choose sport or casual, it depends on where your son will wear this piece. Look at pics and find a good sample for your kids!


Eclectic White Nursery With Vibrant Accents For A Baby Boy

Thu, Sep 11, 2014 | Kids room

Mixing the touches of new and old and DIY is a total win-win idea for any room, really. Today’s nursery design project by mom Jessie is one of the best examples. She has such an amazing eye for detail, doesn’t she?  The room is incredibly stylish, I love the use of patterns, combination of vibrant colors all layered on an all white palette and amazing furniture which is pretty yet very functional. As mom of a baby Ryan says, “the room feels lived in”, and I couldn’t agree more, it really does have such a cozy and sweet vibe, you want to stay here all the time. Enjoy the photos and get inspired!


10 Beautiful Knitted Hats For Girls This Fall

Thu, Sep 11, 2014 | Clothing |

Maybe today isn’t so cold but soon we’ll have to wear more warm clothes. So now we offer you to look and choose the best hat for your little daughter. We found for you various knitted hats, you can find some inspiration and maybe you’ll make hat by your hands. Girls love flowers so you can make or find a hat with a big rose. You can combine a hat with a coat or jacket or sometimes just take a scarf and it’ll be enough. Choose bright colors of hats for your girl, for example, yellow, it will be great accent and create good mood for all day!

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15 Clever And Creative Ways Of Using Pegboards In Kids Rooms

Wed, Sep 10, 2014 | Kids room

If you’re looking for a fresh way of organizing things, pay attention to pegboard. It used to be a thing that only took place in workshops, but now it’s ready for prime time and for your kids’ rooms, too. There’re many advantages of pegboard that make it so good: it’s inexpensive, customizable and adds organization as well as a decorative element to your children’s space. All in all, it creates tons of storage space and décor possibilities. You can paint your pegboard in color of your kid’s room’s walls or make an accent, hang it near the changing station or use as a headboard. See some more inspiring examples in our gallery below.


Perfectly Rustic Neutral Baby Boy Nursery Design

Wed, Sep 10, 2014 | Kids room

There’s nothing selfish or weird in designing a kid’s nursery in grown-up style. During baby’s first years you need to spend as much time together as possible in his or her space, so it must be comfy and beautiful for you as well. The neutral rooms in grown-up style don’t have to be boring or strict, and in today’s article there’s a perfect example proving that point. Fabulous blogger Cara Loren created a perfectly rustic and calm nursery for her baby boy. Looking at it you can say that she has such a good taste, doesn’t she? This is a very different style of nursery than we often see, but I love it! Take a peek and get inspired!


Cute DIY Alphabet Gems To Make For Kids

Tue, Sep 9, 2014 | DIY Projects

We are sure that you always teach your kids something. So today it’ll be easy with these alphabet gems. You will need 26 large clear glass stones, rounded on one side and flat on the other, mod podge, foam brush, scrapbook paper, black marker and playing board. First of all cut the scrapbook paper to fit the back of each gem. Draw uppercase letters on each piece of paper. Using your foam brush, apply mod podge to the letter-side of the paper and then attach the paper to the flat side of the gem. Add another layer of mod podge over the back of the paper to make sure it is sealed. For the game board, use a marker to write out the lowercase letters. You can make alphabet gems into magnets (it’ll be perfect for hanging artwork), you can teach your kids simple spelling and put gems in a bag or box and give them as a gift.


Colorful DIY Rainbow Dyed Rice For Kids To Play

Tue, Sep 9, 2014 | DIY Projects

This project will be perfect for kids. If they’ll play with this rice, it can develop their motor skills and imagination. You will need rice (1 cup), kool-aid packet (1/2 teaspoon), rubbing alcohol (1 teaspoon), plastic gallon bag (freezer bag), foil and baking sheet. Gather your tools and start by standing up and opening your large freezer bag. Use one bag for each color you wish to make. First, add 1 cup of rice to each bag. Then, scoop out a 1/2 teaspoon of powder out of each Kool-Aid packet. Pour the powder on top of the rice. Now add 1 teaspoon of rubbing alcohol to each bag on top of the previous two ingredients. The rest of the tutorial is here.


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