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Easy-To-Make DIY Fairy Wands For Your Kids

Wed, Feb 25, 2015 | DIY Projects

All kids believe in magic! So let’s help them to become wizards and make awesome fairy wands. The supplies are sticks, glue gun, wax paper, extra glue sticks, metallic paint and glitter. First heat your glue gun and set your sticks on the wax paper. Trace a star at the top of the sticks. Make sure to put glue over the top of the stick. Trace an extra layer of glue around the star outline you just made. Then fill in the star with more glue. After that put extra glue at the joint where the star and stick overlap. Now let dry. Peel the star apart from the wax paper. Paint and add glitter while the paint is still wet. Let dry again. Now it’s time to play with the wands!


23 Creative And Cozy Rustic Kids Bedrooms

Wed, Feb 25, 2015 | Kids room

I’m currently loving this new trend in kids’ rooms design – rustic style with creative and cozy elegance. It’s a comfy, dreamy, earthy and cool alternative to more common and prevailing clean and contemporary room designs. What’s the best about rustic style is that it can seamlessly blend in with other styles to create fun new spaces. That also means that this basic theme can be easily revamped once a kid gets older and outgrows the current style. We’ve  gathered our favorite rustic kids’ bedrooms with a fantastic ambiance and absolutely gorgeous design solutions to get you inspired. Take a look and be sure to Pin the ones you liked the most!

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DIY Basic Gathered Tutu For Your Daughter

Tue, Feb 24, 2015 | DIY Projects

Every little girl wants to be a ballerina. So give her a chance to become a ballet dancer at home! You will need 3 yards mesh tulle, matching thread, 3/4″- 1″ elastic (enough to fit around the recipients waist), 2 large safety pins and scissors. Find a big open space where you can lay your tulle out completely flat. Cut your tulle into thirds, or 18″ wide strips. Sew each 18″ x 3 yard strip together, short end to short end, creating one huge loop of tulle fabric. Fold that loop of tulle fabric in half, lengthwise. An inch from the folded edge, sew a 1 inch casing all the way around. Leave a 3 inch opening unsewn, for the elastic. Cut a piece of elastic 1 inch longer than your recipient’s waist. The rest of the instruction is here.


Beautiful DIY Button Hairpins For Girls

Tue, Feb 24, 2015 | DIY Projects

Ttake a few simple hairpins and transform them into stylish accessories! For this project you will need colorful buttons, super glue and plain hairpins. Use a strong glue to stick your buttons to the hairpin. It’s so easy so your kids can make this step of the instruction themselves. Start by sticking a button on the flat part of the hairpin. Also you can add more colorful buttons on top of the first button. But don’t forget that your kids should create their own designs! You can even make these hairpins for a special dress or maybe for your daughter’s birthday party as a gift.


Amazing Fire Truck Themed Kids’ Birthday Party

Mon, Feb 23, 2015 | Party theme

For a kid who dreams to become a firefighter there’s no better theme for a birthday party than a fire engine theme. It’s actually not so hard to arrange, because you know exactly what key elements and colors you need to use. If you’re in seek for some inspiration, you’ll find it in today’s fire truck birthday for a baby boy photos. The theme shows through literally everywhere from an amazing 3 colored cake topped with a fire truck to adorable fire chief hats. Looking at the biggest smiles on kids’ faces it’s obvious that the party wowed them all and brought a lot of happiness and joy. Take a closer look at all of the details and get inspired!


Cheerful And Cute Pink Shared Girls’ Room Design

Sat, Feb 21, 2015 | Kids room

Choosing pink color for your girl’s room is really exciting and more than suitable. However,  search for the perfect shade, which doesn’t look overwhelming or too sugary sweet, might be really tough. In today’s room for two girls there’s such an angelic, neat pink shade, that I instantly fell in love with it! Actually, I’m completely in love with all of the pastel colors used here and I think this space is just a dream for the little ladies. There’re lots of DIY elements from a cloud bookshelf to the cherry garland which make the room totally unique, whimsical and oh-so-lovely. Every single thing in this room has its own purpose and place and they all look together so effortlessly and beautiful! Take a closer look and get inspired!


Amazing DIY Panda Paper Lantern For A Nursery

Fri, Feb 20, 2015 | DIY Projects, Lamps

Everyone loves pandas cause they are so cute! So today we offer you to create your own panda for a kids’ room, and it will be a lamp! You will need white bubble, glue, ribbon, twine, yarn and paper. First make two 3″ black pompoms and string them together with twine. Tie and hang them from the vertical ribbon and adjust their locations by lengthening or shortening the connecting twine. Then cut out three black blobs to make the eye patches and nose, which will be attached to the Bubble with glue dots. You can find the eye patches and nose templates and make your own paper pandas!


Bonfire In A Kids’ Room: Campsite Nightlight

Fri, Feb 20, 2015 | Kids room, Lamps

What a wonderful idea for a kids’ room! This adorable campfire table light will be a perfect detail for a Boy Scout’s or Girl Scout’s bedroom. Technically a nightlight, it accommodates a maximum 7 watt bulb, giving off a soft glow. Also controlled by an on-off switch, it has a polarized plug and almost 6ft of cord. It’ll bring comfort and peace to your kids’ room. If your children invite their friends, they can sit near the bonfire and tell various stories. We are sure that they will spend really a good time with friends in a heartwarming and cozy ambiance!


Playful Grey And Pastels Baby Girl Nursery Design

Thu, Feb 19, 2015 | Kids room

Have you ever heard of Cupcakes and Cashmere blog? It’s a lifestyle blog by Emily Schuman, a former journalist for women’s magazines, whose aesthetics is all about celebrating the little pleasures in life. She has recently had a baby girl Sloan Fuller and today we’re sharing truly wonderful pictures of her nursery. Emily admits that she was overwhelmed by the possibilities, but quickly came up with an overall theme and started trying some favorite things out in the room. I think she succeeded and the nursery turned out to be not too sugary sweet but rather serene and colorful. I love how she just played off grays and pastels with pops of metallic and neon. All in all, it’s such a sweet space! Take a look!


Gentle DIY Upcycled Cloud Shadowbox For A Nursery

Thu, Feb 19, 2015 | DIY Projects

If you like to take old things and using them for cool crafts, this idea is for you! You will need two paper towel rolls, washi tape, white spray paint, glue gun, spray adhesive, craft knife, scissors, self-healing mat, ruler and pencil. Prepare the rolls, cut paper towel rolls in half lengthwise. Spread open one roll and completely spray the inside with adhesive. Next, spray the entire outside of the second roll. Carefully align and nest the second roll inside the first and firmly press together so you now have a double-thick roll. Starting from one end of the roll, measure in and with a pencil, make a couple of marks at 2 inches. Gently open up the curl and flatten with ruler. Using craft knife cut out. Repeat until you have four “curls”. Next steps of the instruction you can find here.


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